Sunday, June 13, 2010

What If Other Immigrants Were Racially Profiled Like Mexicans in Arizona (...or the top ten the hard way by Senator John McCain)

                   Written and Illustrated By Lena Hopkins-Jackson

10. *Operation-Mama-Mia* The "We're Kicking Italians Back To The Boot They Came From"-Anti-Italian Immigration Law
*Ethnic Profiling*:  Mafia-lookin’,“Good Fellas” straight outta’ the cast of “The Sopranos”, guys who answer to ‘Pauly’, ‘Tony’ or any name ending with a vowel, loud-mouthed chicks with big, ‘mall-hair’ and sprayed-on tangerine-tans and  muscled-bound Guidos at the club wearing cheap suits with more oil in there hair than BP can spill. 
*Dangerous Imports* : knock-off Prada, Dolce & Gabbana  and Gucci sold at swap-meets and grocery store parking lots , Prego marinara Sauce ( too fattening, who cares if “It’s In There”… who needs that?)  And the entire “New Jersey Shore” and the “Desperate Housewives of New Jersey” cast; “Getthefrondoorouttahere, …seriously …LEAVE!”

9. *Operation-What-Da'-Bloodclot*: The "We Ain't Takin' No Jamaicans"Anti-Caribbean Immigration Law
*Ethnic Profiling*:  Along with islanders, anyone who says “Hey Mon!” with a thick accent, Black people with dreadlocks who wear those crocheted, rainbow-berets  and annoying, stringy-haired White boy Rastas who wanna’ be down; they can go too!

*Dangerous Imports*:  Ganja (we have our own),Red Stripe Beer, bad-bootleg Reggae concerts on DVD  and Poom-Poom shorts when worn near  construction workers!

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